Debugging Windows Phone on a device via remote desktop

I like to believe that I am a professional developer. Therefore I have fully virtualized my development environments and always have access to the same development machines via remote desktop. The great advantage is that I have access to the same development environment, wherever I am over the world (even with my Surface RT) since it supports remote desktop.

Recently I ran into a special case I hadn’t anticipated in my virtualization spree. What about debugging a Windows Phone (or any USB) device with Visual Studio?

Getting the Windows Phone emulator to run in VMware

One of the first challenges is that I have virtualized my environment using an ESXi server (VMware). The Windows Phone emulator runs inside an Hyper-V environment as a virtual machine. I got over that challenge quite some time ago.

Setting up the connection over remote desktop

The new challenge is to be able to debug over my device. Below is a visual presentation on how I tend to use my virtualized environment:


Quite a challenge, right Winking smile?

After searching for quite some time, I found this wonderful product called USB over network. It allows you to connect any USB device over the network, which actually solves the last issue of my virtualized development environment.

Happy debugging your Windows Phone devices over the network on your virtualized environment!