Discovering open source WPF components – Orc.FilterBuilder

In the discovering open source WPF components series, I will look into useful open source components that can be used to create WPF apps. This weeks component is Orc.FilterBuilder.

Filtering complex problems is something that is fairly common in enterprise WPF apps. Normally the filters are written by a developer, but when a user wants to create a custom filter, they have to go to the developer and ask them to implement the new filter, which could take weeks to end up in the final product.

Orc.FilterBuilder allows end-users to create and store filters for collections. This way each user can create their own filters for their data so they get exactly what they are looking for.

Filter window

The animated gif shows that the filter window is really accessible to all end-users.


Filtering in xaml

Filtering in xaml is very easy with the filter builder control. Use the raw and filtered collection properties and the filter builder control will take care of the rest:

Filtering in code

The filters can also be used in code-behind or services by using the following code: