Discovering open source WPF components – Orc.Controls

In the discovering open source WPF components series, I will look into useful open source components that can be used to create WPF apps. This weeks component is Orc.Controls.

Controls are an important part of WPF applications. Although Microsoft provides lots of controls out of the box, a few were missing or not working as an end-user might expect. The Orc.Controls component tries to fill that gap by providing very useful controls that will automatically adapt styling based on accent colors.

The controls listed below isn’t the complete list of controls provided by the component. It does give you a good idea about the look and feel of the controls though.


It’s so simple, but WPF does not provide this out of the box. Use the AnimatedGif control to easily add animated gifs to an application.



Sometimes you need to show a legend that represents a list of values, where each value represents a color. This might become quite a complex control when you have to write it yourself, but the team of Orc.Controls has written this for you so you can immediately start using it.



A color picker is something that exists in Windows, but not in WPF. Thanks to Orc.Controls, you can let the user pick any color.



The WPF date picker isn’t the best looking date picker you can imagine. I think the one below looks much better!



Picking a TimeSpan is something that lots of apps need, but there are no decent controls available. The TimeSpanPicker inside Orc.Controls does an excellent job at filling up that gap.



The DateTimePicker combines the power of the Date and TimeSpan pickers as you can see in the animated gif below:



Tool tips are extremely useful. Imagine a user that wants to compare multiple tool tips, then they are not as handy as we might think. Allowing users to pin tool tips gives them the option to compare the tooltips and place them where the end-users wants them to be visible.